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ARVO - The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

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Today, more and more, the research conducted in labs travels the full journey from bench to bedside. Whether you are examining the genetics of disease or the possibilities of a new technology to diagnose, treat, or even prevent an eye condition, this work often begins with a burning question that leads to more questions and answers. Those answers and more questions may journey to a patient’s bedside, for a novel treatment. Still, the treatment may lead to more questions — bringing us back to the bench with more questions. To highlight this important work and its evolving journey, ARVO 2019 will have the theme “From bench to bedside and back.” Mark your calendar and make plans to join ARVO in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2019.

The ARVO Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of eye and vision researchers in the world, attracting over 11,000 attendees from more than 75 countries. The science is the most important reason to attend the ARVO Annual Meeting, which showcases the latest vision research through over 6,000 poster and paper sessions, lectures, workshops, symposia and networking events.