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European Ophthalmic Review - Volume 11 - Issue 1 - Summer 2017

We are pleased to introduce the Summer edition of European Ophthalmic Review, including a selection of expert interviews, editorials, reviews and case reports for you to enjoy.

We interviewed our Editor-in-Chief Maurizio Battaglia Parodi on the latest developments in diabetic macular oedema and Burat Turgut provides an overview of terminology for OCT-A. Hemel Mehta provides an evidence-based approach to using intravitreal steroids in the management of diabetic macular oedema and Ali Osman Saatci explore intravitreal pharmacotherapy in the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa-related cystoid macular oedema.

Jesper Hjortal reviews advances in surface ablation techniques for myopia and Noel Alpins provides expert advice on accuracy in intraocular lens calculations in normal and extreme cases. Kin Sheng Lim reviews ultrasound cycloplasty, and the mechanisms of action and possible impact on intraocular pressure in glaucoma. Andrew Tatham explores a new angle on angle surgery and Nils Loewen discusses some of the recent developments in the treatment of glaucoma. We hope you enjoy this edition and welcome contributions to our winter edition through our submission site here.

Expert Interviews



Case Report