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Ocular Systems Inc.

101 North Chestnut Street, Suite 303, Winston Salem, NC, 27101, United States
Tel: 001-336-784-4603 | Fax: 001-336-245-0336

Founded in 2004, Ocular Systems, Inc. (OSI) delivers to physicians, innovative solutions to help improve their patient’s vision.

At the core of the company’s business, OSI works with accredited eye banks across the United States to acquire high quality corneal tissue that is then prepared, in conformance with FDA regulations for transplant. Since inception, Ocular Systems has delivered more prepared tissue for Endothelial Keratoplasty (EK) than any other organization.

OSI is also an industry-leading innovator, excelling in the development of new surgical devices. One such device - the EndoSerter® Corneal Endothelium Delivery Instrument is a medical device that assists surgeons with the challenging procedure of inserting the endothelial cell layer under the upper layers of the cornea. The device is available both domestically and internationally.

Today, OSI continues to develop new medical devices and processes to help surgeons perform their work more effectively and efficiently.