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Lacrimedics, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Ophthalmologist, Robert S. Herrick, M.D., a specialist in corneal and external diseases since the 1970's. Dr. Herrick has developed many innovative products and procedures used in the care of patients with Dry Eye Disease (DED) and Lacrimal System Dysfunction (LSD). The company's proprietary products include the Dissolvable VisiPlug Lacrimal Plug that provides medium-term Occlusion Therapy lasting approximately 180 days and the OPAQUE Herrick Lacrimal Plug for long-term Occlusion Therapy.  Both of these products feature the exclusive and patented VisiPlug Technology.  The VisiPlug Technology enables the presence and location of these products after insertion using a simple light source. Lacrimedics pioneered the development of the Lacrimal Efficiency Test with Collagen Plugs.  This simple test is effective at determining if a person suffering from Dry Eye would benefit from Occlusion Therapy.tuy