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European Ophthalmic Review. 2019;13(2):61

Welcome to the winter edition of European Ophthalmic Review, including a variety of articles across the ophthalmic landscape including dry eye disease and glaucoma. We hope you enjoy these latest insights and find them useful and relevant to your practice.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce my departure from the role of Editor-in-Chief. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at European Ophthalmic Review but the time has come for another to take the journal on the next step of its journey. I am delighted to remain on the Editorial Board and look forward to collaborating with the team in this capacity. There will be an announcement in the near future on the incoming Editor-in-Chief.

A final thank you to the authors, Editorial Board and reviewers for their efforts during my time as Editor-in-Chief. I hope you continue to work with the team and I am excited to see the journal grow over the coming years

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