European Ophthalmic Review - Volume 9 - Issue 2 - Winter 2015

Welcome to the Winter edition of European Ophthalmic Review. This edition, expertly introduced by Andrzej Grzybowski, features timely and concise review articles, editorial and reports across a wide range of topics. Nikki and Farhad Hafezi discuss the best cross-linking procedure in 2016 and May Griffith and colleagues review cornea regeneration as an alternative to human donor transplantation.

Baruch Kuppermann analyses the real-word results around the efficacy of ocriplasmin in the treatment of vitreomacular adhesion/traction and Richard Gale and Reema Gupta discuss the best neovascular agre-related macular degeneration regimens for 2016. Also included are a selection of symposium reports from the key meetings of 2015 in the areas of dry eye disease, glaucoma and retinal imaging. We hope this new collection of articles provide useful information relevant to your practice and interests.

Cataract and Cornea

Ocular Surface



Retinal Imaging


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