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Rolando and Melissa Toyos talk about their current research into intense pulse light (IPL) therapy for dry eye disease. IPL therapy is a light treatment applied to the skin to stimulate the meibomian glands to produce a better tear. The current study looks at the efficacy of IPL versus meibomian gland expression, and the results will be available in around 6 months. Another area of research is...
Joseph Tauber, Tauber Eye Center, discusses the complexity of dry eye disease (DED) and potential causes. Whilst there are several treatment strategies available for DED there is still an unmet need for patient satisfaction. Lifitegrast is an LFA-1 inhibitor and the first drug to improve both the signs and symptoms of DED in clinical trials. Dr Tauber's presentation at presented at ISOPT 2018...
Jay Pepose, Washington Univeristy School of Medicine, talks about his recent study of topical lifitegrast in patients with dry eye disease. The aim of the study was to determine if tear osmolarity might be a leading indicator of patient response to lifitegrast, and whether this could be used to advise patients on continuing treatment options. Most patients showed a response within 2 weeks in...

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Current Understanding in the use of Biomarkers in the Management of Dry Eye Disease Presenters: James V Aquavella, US; Penny A Asbell, US; Rolando Toyos, USA; David Goldblum, US; Joseph Tauber, US; Pedram Hamrah, US; Linda Rose, US