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Dr Soham Basak talks with us about his recent study into corneal re-graft surgeries in patients, mostly with infectious keratoconus, and how the findings of this study in India compares with the rest of the world. Future work could look into preventing the need for corneal re-graft surgery by...
We caught up with Dr Emilio de Almeida Torres Netto, of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, at the WOC annual meeting 2018. Dr de Almeida Torres Netto was recently awarded the ICO-Allergan Advanced Research Fellowship Award for his work in corneal biomechanics, keratoconus, and cross-linking,...
Rolando and Melissa Toyos talk about their current research into intense pulse light (IPL) therapy for dry eye disease. IPL therapy is a light treatment applied to the skin to stimulate the meibomian glands to produce a better tear. The current study looks at the efficacy of IPL versus meibomian...
Rolando & Melissa Toyos discuss the ongoing healthcare challenges in the US and how they hope to make a difference. Keywords: Innovation, clinical, US healthcare, patient needs, ophthalmologists, Rand Paul, US Senator, healthcare spending, Medicaid, insurance, foreign policy
Joseph Tauber, Tauber Eye Center, discusses the complexity of dry eye disease (DED) and potential causes. Whilst there are several treatment strategies available for DED there is still an unmet need for patient satisfaction. Lifitegrast is an LFA-1 inhibitor and the first drug to improve both the...
Penny Asbell discusses the role of inflammation in DED and the advantages and limitations of HLA-DR as a biomarker.


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